Gedachten van Sajor, life in the village.

It is a blessing today enjoying God’s light without worries of switch off from the power station,

When I was pretty young we use to play night games during the moonlight with fellow kids, hiding in the forest for others to find you “coup” we play and sing beautiful Fullah, Kuranko, and Mandingo songs reflecting our fishing, setting traps, making fish traps experiences all day. We don’t worry about light going, we get pretty worried when it get cloudy, sometimes we keep watching the moon we argue that it faster than the Sun, but who can prove that to watch the sun for a minute?
So we all agree that the moon speed more than the Sun.

Today I see most of the 2000s worrying about light, sometime around my area in Freetown I hear the crowd boo “ooohhhh!!!” when there is power shake.
For us in those days we worried when there is no moon light, we set fire sit around it and tell stories.
We grow younger every day because we don’t worry about having big cars, mansion, authority, power, influence, connection, etc. Nobody ask you who you want to become in the future?
Because we are already who we are.

De hut van de ouders van Sajor.

Sajor met zijn vader en broer.

Het dak wordt gerepareerd.

Een jongen in Sierra Leone heeft een vis gevangen.

My first day in school when my teacher asked me who you want to be in the future? In my language I replied “a herdsman” he was angry, all your colleagues want to be president, lawyers, ministers, and prominent people in society but you want to be a herdsman?
I said yes! He said sit down .
My classmates were provocative of me because of that, but I was happy because I never dreamed of going away from nature, until in 2004 when I was taken to the city. I cried like a suckling child who needs breast milk. I was there for some years later taken back to the usual place, I find out that most of my childhood friends are going to school, I tried to convince them not to go, I mislead them and I made some success until I was taken back to city which wasn’t easy.

There are many reasons to thank God for what you have and always remember where you came from, learn to adopt to environment, situation, and changes in life journey.
Happy independent day to our beloved country may the Lord help our leaders to thrive above all difficulties in trying to make this country great .

Sajor Jalloh