21 mei 2018 Bezoek aan Kondembaia Village

Date = 21 May 2018
Location= Diang Koindembaia

YAN had a monitoring at Koindembaia.The purpose of the visit was to see how our previous activity have created an impact on the people.Whether it is a negative impact or positive.

The meeting was chaired by Mohammed D Turay. The meeting started with prayers, introduction of members and the community stakeholders.Then Next was purpose of the visit.The President said the purpose of the visit is on monitoring and to ask the people what are their problem so that YAN can Advocate on their behalf on issuing that is affecting then.
Paramount Chief
The representative from the Paramount chief said he is happy that YAN is working in their chief dom and they are always ready to welcome YAN because of the changes YAN have created especially in the reduction of teenage pregnancy.

One of the teachers said, they want to thank YAN for the advocacy they have done but still they are some things that they need in school.The things he highlighted was
3.Text books
4.Inadequate buildings
Alusine A Thullah
A representative from the pupils of the school.He said presently their school is lacking water facility not only the school but the whole village.He also mentioned about the recreational materials they lack in School.Even toilet facility is lacking in the school.
The principal of the school said,due to the activity of YAN in October 11,2017.
There is a mass reduction of teenage pregnancy and child marriage.He said the cases he used to record in the past years is far greater than as it is now.He advised YAN to continue doing this good work

Head Master
The head Master of the primary school said he have more than 345 Pupils in his school.But the problem he is facing is that, school buildings, text books, toilets facility,water facility is the greatest need the school need now.He also continued to say that,water facility is not only need by school but the community as a whole
Presentation of gifts
During the Presentation of gifts, Sajor said he has heard all the needs of the people.YAN is going to carried the messages to the institution, individuals for immediate response.He thanked the boys, girls and community people for their fight against any forms of child abuse.The President presented the gifts on behalf of the group.During the presentation of the gift,he admonished all the pupils to make use of the gift.Vote of thanks was done by one of the elders of the community.

Prepared and Signed by
Secretary General
Amadu Wurie Shaw