Joseph Fofanah

Nog een mooi bericht uit het verslag:

Joseph B. Fofanah :“I am 17yrs of op, attending the Kabala Secondary School and in Senior Secondary school level 4(SS4) about to take my West African Senior School Certificate Exam (WASCE). I have being idling around in the midst of bad company and friends. Sometimes we sit at the ghetto playing dice, drinking and smoking because I don’t have hope to go to college since my father is poor and my relatives in the city do not help us. I decided to go into bike riding so I can support myself in school and feed my family since I am the eldest son.
I came in contact with DCI -S L through Aunty Samira one day when I took her with my bike to her office. During the bike ride, she started asking me questions about my schooling, and family. At first I became adamant in answering, but she then told me her reason for asking and told me where she is working and her purpose to work in Kabala. I became interested to confide in her and so we went in her office to discuss. She counseled me never to lose hope and asked me to join group that she is establishing,
Since I became part of the project, my lifestyle has changed. I now focus more on my studies than sitting with friends or ride bike. The project has taught me how to be responsible in making life meaningful and how to perceiver to become somebody in future.
Aunty Samira calls me every day and talks to me. She always asks me what I have done today and what I want to do tomorrow for what and when. She has helped me organize my life. Being part of the group is rewarding. It is so interesting to be together with other youths to constructively discuss on problems.
I am happy for the intervention of DCI SL and this project; I can now advice my friends who are misguided using myself as an example”.